What Would Happen If Kids Ruled the World?


Have you ever thought about what it would be like if kids ruled the world?

That answer really depends on who you’re asking. Ask kids and they would be jumping up and down with joy. Ask adults and they would think that it’s not such a great idea. For instance, if kids ruled the world, their first rule might be all-you-can-eat ice cream and candy.

What kids don’t like ice cream and candy, right? From an adult’s perspective, this may seem very silly. That doesn’t mean adults don’t like ice cream and candy. It’s just that they might think it’s not necessary to have such a law. Not to mention, moms would be super mad about their kids’ cavities.


Can you imagine how much more kids can be creative when adults don’t tell them what can or cannot be possible? Kids wouldn’t feel discouraged or sad. They can have the freedom to be creative without boundaries. That would be very healthy.

One downside is that kids might think up silly, unrealistic ideas or even bad ideas. For example, taking a bath in fluffy slime. Or worse, dressing up as a salmon and swimming upstream to see if a bear would eat you up.

No Homework

Kids would vote for no homework. They would have more time to play and spend time with family and friends. They would be happier. School report cards would be based on their happiness and not grades.The downside of no homework is that kids would become super dumb. They wouldn’t know how to count after running out of their fingers and toes. They would write gibberish because they wouldn’t know how to write or spell. Kids would write, “I dundn’t dye so I is Goocchi” instead of “I didn’t die so I’m Gucci.”

Without knowledge, no one would know how to do anything or make anything. They wouldn’t know how to operate machines, cook food, make things or run a democracy. They wouldn’t be very good rulers.

Freedom To Do Anything

 If kids had the freedom to do anything, they would be very happy. Without their moms and dads telling them what to do, kids can do whatever they want, such as eating Doritos all day and never eating vegetables again.

Kids could drive cars, planes and boats. They could run around with sharp scissors, jump from high places, swing from chandeliers, microwave silverware, play baseball in front of a big glass window, and send dirty diapers as birthday presents to friends and family. It would be really awesome.

The downside is that kids could make bad decisions too. They could get hurt or hurt other people. They could cause mass destruction of almost anything they touch. Society would be ruined if everyone did whatever they wanted to do.

Free Money

Kids would want free money or that everything is free for them. They would want free toys, games and everything at stores that they liked.

This sounds really cool until they started running out of stuff. Free also means no money for workers. People have to make things at factories but why would anyone work for free? If no one worked, you can’t make anything. Economy would become super messed up.

If kids ruled the world, there would be lots of cool stuff but also lots of problems. Kids should be able to come up with super creative ideas but we still need adults to help us make right decisions.

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– Christian

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