Chicago Day 1: Magnificent Chicago


Yesterday we drove to downtown Chicago and walked the Magnificent Mile. It turned out that it was very magnificent because the architect was beautiful; it was detailed and has a mix of modern and old architecture buildings. On the weekdays, Chicago can be very calm and peaceful, except on the weekends that’s when it can become pretty busy.

The Water Tower Place was a beautiful tall shopping mall. The escalator that was part of The Water Tower Place had different tiers of fountains that shot up tiny bits of water. It was fascinating because they were coordinated to go right after one another.

My sister loves beaches, so we checked out the beach nearby Navy Pier. We had a reservation at a restaurant that was ready for us right when we got to the clear watered beach so we would have to come back to the beach after dinner.  

The famous pizzeria called Giordano’s had excellent deep dish pizza that oozed cheese every time you bite into it. It was totally worth the money and the long wait. Right after the satisfying meal we took a walk to the Navy Pier beach again. The water looked so clean and clear, the water was not too cold or too hot for us.  And the bottom of it was just water and sand, but nothing gross.

We stayed too long at the beach so we ended up going back to the hotel at around 10:00 p.m. We would have to get a good night’s sleep for our next adventure.


Tune in for my next article!
Keep learning.
– Christian

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