Chicago Day 2: Touring Chicago’s Iconic Skyscrapers


Yesterday we drove back to downtown Chicago to see the other parts of Chicago that we didn’t explore the day before. We went on a boat tour to learn about the history and architect of the skyscrapers, for about seventy-five minutes! By the way, our tour guide on the boat was hilarious. On the boat ride it was so cold in the beginning I felt like I was literally in Antarctica, at least until it started to warm up and fry us like it was sucking our every last bit of moisture from our poor little vulnerable bodies. It was only a few more minutes that seemed to change our lives. The locals say that you just have to wait five more minutes if you don’t like the weather, and that’s how the whole boat ride was for the family.

After a long trip down Chicago River, we went to a fantastic restaurant called Howells and Hood. My sister got the juicy fried fish tacos, my dad got the original Chicago burger, my mom got a pastrami sandwich and I got a brisket sandwich. That was the best early dinner that I had tasted in awhile.

After meals, you always have to have your sweets, otherwise, your meal is incomplete. So we went to Dylan’s Candy Bar where you can get all the candy you could possibly imagine. I thought it was unusual to find a bar in an adjacent room that is both kid and adult-friendly. I was delighted when I found Chick-o-Stick!  Chick-O-Stick is my favorite old fashioned candy. I also got gum, mints and a lollipop.

We took a walk in the Millennium Park. There was a concert at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion that was free so we sat down and listened to the calm relaxing classical music that almost made me fall asleep.

When it was done we went to the Crown fountain, there was a rectangular fountain on each side that had water pouring down like a waterfall. In the middle, the water was about one inch high. We were exhausted and tired after a long day so we decided to go back to the hotel for the needed rest for the next day.


Tune in for my next article!
Keep learning.
– Christian