Chicago Day 3: The University of Chicago


Yesterday we drove further away from downtown Chicago. We were going to the campus to check out The University of Chicago. The areas around the campus can be dangerous until you get to the actual campus in the middle. It took about fifty minutes to get to the campus, by then we were all motion sick and sticky after the long sunny ride. Anyhow, the architecture was imposing and impressive to me, and the campus was not small at all.

The campus had chapels that were tall, majestic, splendid and simply lovely and pleasant. We loved the scenery especially in the summer when the grass is green and flowers are blooming everywhere you look. I felt that every time I looked at a building I couldn’t take my eyes off it until it seemed like hours.  We also checked out two book stores that were old but pleasing to the eyes.

We ate at an Asian restaurant for dinner; we got noodles, soup, and fried rice. After a yummy meal, we went to a bakery to get some dessert. We got chocolate croissants but had to take a much-needed walk afterward.

Our family drove back near to downtown Chicago to go to the mall. We went to Nordstrom and H&M, it was still muggy, warm and very uncomfortable. After what seemed forever we started on our way home, it was not as late as the other nights but we were still tired.           

Oh, and did I forget to tell you that the whole reason our family is in Chicago is that my sister and I are going to a summer program for the gifted today (SIG, Summer Institute for the Gifted).

Tune in for my next article!
Keep learning.
– Christian