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Christian Amyx Black Belt Ceremony

Effort: My Journey to Black Belt

I had been waiting months, practicing for my black belt in Taekwondo and today was the day. Was today really the black belt testing date? I was nervous yet I…

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Connie Mercer’s Mission to Break Poverty

Connie Mercer has a long history of serving the needy. As early as her college days at the University of Chicago, Connie was active in outreach programs. She organized busloads…

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Singapore Day 1

3/28/16   Yesterday we flew to China and it was so long but I loved Air China because everything is free.  I mean like everything is included in the ticket.…

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The Realiy of Autonomous Cars

The reality of riding in an autonomous vehicle isn’t that far off. A driverless car is capable of understanding its environment through Light, Imaging, Detection, and Ranging (LIDAR) technology to…

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Chicago Day 3: The University of Chicago

7/16/17                                         Yesterday we drove further away from downtown Chicago. We…

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Grush: The Gaming Toothbrush

     Grush transforms the brushing chore into a fun and interactive game. An advanced Bluetooth motion sensing toothbrush, coupled with interactive and instructive mobile games, guide kids' brushing and…

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What Would Happen If Kids Ruled the World?

  Have you ever thought about what it would be like if kids ruled the world? That answer really depends on who you’re asking. Ask kids and they would be…

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