Category: IoT

The Realiy of Autonomous Cars

The reality of riding in an autonomous vehicle isn’t that far off. A driverless car is capable of understanding its environment through Light, Imaging, Detection, and Ranging (LIDAR) technology to…

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Grush: The Gaming Toothbrush

     Grush transforms the brushing chore into a fun and interactive game. An advanced Bluetooth motion sensing toothbrush, coupled with interactive and instructive mobile games, guide kids' brushing and…

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flash drive

DM PD061 – Fingerprint Encrypted Pen Drive Product Review

  Product review on a high-speed recognition, fingerprint encrypted pen drive security memory USB stick. DM PD061 has two sectors -- Public Sector and Secure Sector. Any users can access…

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μHandy Microscope Product Review

  Science on-the-go just got easier with μHandy Mobile Microscope. Surprisingly it’s compact single lens microscope can provide resolution up to 1 micrometer. Moreover it doesn’t require an app to…

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Noise Cancellation Earbuds

Linner Noise Cancellation Earbuds Product Review

  Solving Acute Pain Points To properly frame the Linner Noise Cancellation Earbuds, it’s mandatory to evaluate against an industry benchmark -- one of the top-of-the-line active noise cancellation headsets,…

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Sleep tracker

FitSleep Product Review

Why do you want to try FitSleep? I experience irregular sleep. Some weeks I sleep better. Other weeks it’s inconsistent. The most difficult aspect is quieting my mind to…

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